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sun doesn't get me out of bed - some people say i done alright for a girl [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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sun doesn't get me out of bed [Apr. 4th, 2005|02:10 pm]
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |TALIB]

can't wake up anymore, ever.
can't fall asleep at night.

am i going to school? why don't i ever do homework?

i had this dream last night that ruby was hiding under my bed in this room-not cute or mischevious but kind of fucking scary, she was like baring her teeth. today i have to admit there's no way she could have fit, not with my empty cardboard box collection. and that choice keyboard. woot

i'm a little tired of everyone talking about boys all the time. here's how i feel these days concerning YOUNG ROMANCE